Arete Marketing Limited

Arete Marketing Limited provides marketing services,sales and distribution facilities for imported and exported goods.

For each product there is Planning, Organising and Control of the licensing or manufacture for sale and distribution either locally or worldwide.

Our range of services include: -

  • Organisation and preparation of Licensing Agreements.
  • Arranging distribution both locally and overseas.
  • Acting as sales agent.
  • Acting as sales agent and distributor.
  • Organising introductions between manufacturers and distributors.


With the likely completion of the Free Trade Agreement between China and New Zealand in the next few years, Arete Marketing Limited is positioning itself to be a front runner in providing trade and services between both countries as well as other Asian countries.

Current products we handle can be classified under the following divisions:-

  • Health Food,Supplements and Accessories Division
  • (Operated through an associate company, Alpha Wellness New Zealand Ltd)

  • Manpower & Student Training Division
  • (Representing Thai Taipei Manpower Ltd, Bangkok, Thailand)

  • Fire Protection & Security Products Division


The business model that Arete Marketing Limited favours is the development of new products in New Zealand for manufacture overseas e.g. China and / or India. Marketing and distribution would be undertaken in other countries e.g. USA and EU countries.

Current export products, classified under the following headings, are: -

  • Health Food and Supplements
  • Automotive Accessories and Suspension Systems

Business Models

Other business models that can be considered are: -

  • Outsourcing of manufacture, distribution and sales.
  • Licence manufacture, distribution and or sales.
  • Franchising.

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